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Old Boy Network, The

1 9 9 2 (UK)
7 x episodes

Lucas Frye (Tom Conti) is a charming, smoothly confident, floppy-haired, womanising MI5 spy who also happens to be betraying his homeland as a double agent for the Russians.


MI6 agent Peter Duckham (John Standing) is hellbent on exposing Frye but Duckham’s boss, Sir Roland White (Robert Lang) is anxious to avoid another spy scandal.

Much to Duckham’s disgust, Frye is merely banished to Moscow and the whole affair is hushed up.

Put out of work by the end of the Cold War, Frye returns to the UK a few years later with a plan to set up a freelance espionage agency and convinces his old nemesis, Duckham, to go into partnership with him in Frye Duckham Associates.

The pair are joined by ex-CIA operative Parker Morrow (Jayne Brook). Georgia Allen played Tamsin, secretary to Frye and Duckham.

This seven-part ITV series was yet another gem from the pens of British comedy legends Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais.


Lucas Frye
Tom Conti
Peter Duckham
John Standing
Sophie Duckham
Annie Lambert
Sir Roland White
Robert Lang
Georgia Allen
Parker Morrow
Jayne Brook


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