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Outside Edge

1 9 9 4 – 1 9 9 6 (UK)
22 x 30 minute episodes

One of ITV’s few quality sitcoms of the 90s, Outside Edge explored the perennial British themes of sex and class through the antics of Brent Park Cricket Club – in particular the anally retentive middle-class captain, Roger Dervish (Robert Daws).

Roger was joined by his mousey wife, Mim (Brenda Blethyn), and the lusty commoners, Kevin (Timothy Spall) and Maggie (Josie Lawrence).

Once a leading light in the operatic society, Mim had a good face and figure but dressed in an ordinary way. Husband Roger drove a Volvo, read the Daily Telegraph and was captain of the cricket club.

Maggie was larger than life, with big red glasses, get-’em-off clothes and a bright gash of lipstick. Kevin was short, chunky and a whiz at whipping up a gourmet meal. Their bohemian lovenest was in need of repair and so was their battered Renault 4. But that didn’t matter to the pair as they were crazy about each other and made love wherever and whenever the mood took them.

The village cricket team was the catalyst that brought these two odd couples together in a bitter-sweet comedy that was as sharp on the pitch as it was off.

Against the backdrop of never-ending summer, a close friendship blossomed between the two women and, under Maggie’s outgoing influence, prim and proper Mim discovered an independent streak that had been stifled too long by Roger.

The shock waves reverberated around cosy suburbia as the two couples were thrust together in a chain of events guaranteed to set the net curtains twitching. For Mim and Roger things would never be the same again.

The series won – among other prizes – a British Comedy Award with Brenda Blethyn picking up a Best Actress gong.

Roger Dervish
Robert Daws
Miriam “Mim” Dervish

Brenda Blethyn
Kevin Costello

Timothy Spall
Maggie Costello

Josie Lawrence
Dennis Broadley

Denis Lill
Bob Willis

Michael Jayston