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Paradise Beach

1 9 9 3 (Australia)
260 x 30 minute episodes

Australian television has an unenviable history of badly produced, cheap shows, but Paradise Beach really took the cake.

Essentially a parade of models pretending they could act, Paradise Beach was the worst of the worst.


Even a parade of hot young stars and starlets (including  Olivia Newton-John‘s first husband, Matt Lattanzi) couldn’t save the series, and with poor ratings and overseas sales the daily show did not come back for a second season and all the storylines were left up in the air.

Actress Megan Connolly, who played Tori Hayden, died in September 2001 of a heroin overdose.

Paradise Beach was parodied extensively in the popular Australian comedy series The Late Show. The D-Generation team targetted the poor acting, the formulaic plot and characterisation, characters dancing every time rock music was played, and the cash-in mentality of filming the soap at a beachside studio complex (“Hey, look! Warner Brothers Movie World!”).

Robyn Devereaux Barsby
Isla Fisher
Tom Barsby
Robert Coleby
Anne-Marie Connick
Emma Kearney
Joan Hayden
Paula Duncan
Ken Hayden
Michael Caton
Tori Hayden
Megan Connolly
Vanessa Campbell
Melissa Tkautz
Lisa Whitman Barsby
Tiffany Lamb
Emily Harris
Melissa Bell
Kirk Barsby
Manu Bennett
Paula Taylor
Zoe Bertram
Val Sterling
Virginia Hey
Fiona McDermott
Liz Burch
Anna Ritchie
Deborah Coulls
Cassie Barsby
Kimberley Joseph
David Finn
Tayler Kane
Karen Wolfe
Rebekah Elmaloglou
Brooke Bannister
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick
Cooper Hart
Matt Lattanzi
Andrew McFarlane
Mr Jerome
John Orcsik
Tina Goggin
Jodie Parry
Loretta Taylor
Raelee Hill
Dwayne Lawler
Tony Lee
Enrico Mammarella
Brad McMurray
Harry Tait
Jaason Simmons
Gerry Sont
Bridgette Edmunds
Travis Geronimo
Adam Ford
Terasa Livingstone
Michael Bishop
Eric Sanderson
Paul Driver
Gavin Earl
Neil Flemming
Roy McDermott
John Holding
Sam Dexter
Richard Huggett
Nick Barsby
Andrew McKaige
Chris Quinn
Scott Michaelson
Greg Wolfe
Russell Paul
Shane Ammann
Patrick Worthing
Doug Penty
Sean Hayden
Ingo Rademacher
Alex Harding
Emma Skinner