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Party of Five

1 9 9 4 – 2 0 0 0 (USA)

The house at 3324 Broadway in San Francisco is home to the Salinger family: parents Nicholas and Diana and their children, 24-year-old Charlie (Matthew Fox), 15-year-old Julia (Neve Campbell), 16-year-old Bailey (Scott Wolf), 11-year-old Claudia (Lacey Chabert) and infant Owen.

Nicholas and Diana own Salinger’s, a family restaurant on Filbert Street (their slogan is “Salinger’s – ‘Cause You Gotta Eat”).

One night in March 1994 (six months before the series begins), tragedy struck the family when a drunken driver killed Nicholas and Diana, leaving the children to take over the family restaurant and care for each other in their absence.

Eldest son Charlie takes on the responsibility of caring for his siblings and uses, in part, the $15,000 he receives every four months as part of his parent’s estate.

A 1999 spin-off called The Time of Your Life featured Jennifer Love Hewitt as Bailey’s girlfriend, Sarah Reeves.

Charlie Salinger
Matthew Fox
Julia Salinger
Neve Campbell
Bailey Salinger
Scott Wolf
Claudia Salinger
Lacey Chabert
Kirsten Bennett
Paula Devicq
Joe Mangus
Tom Mason
Grace Wilcox
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Justin Thompson
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Callie Martel
Alexondra Lee
Marla Sokoloff
Sarah Reeves
Jennifer Love Hewitt
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Scott Grimes
Owen Salinger
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