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Rachel Gunn R.N.

1 9 9 2 (USA)

The elective surgery floor of Little Innocence Hospital in Nebraska was the setting for this medical comedy. Sarcastic Rachel Gunn (Christine Ebersole) was the unit’s dedicated, hardworking, and underpaid head nurse.

The prime target of her vitriol was arrogant young Dr David Dunkle (Kevin Conroy), a talented but selfish surgeon whose condescending attitude toward patients and staff was a constant thorn in her side.

In an ironic twist, since he needed inexpensive housing following a costly divorce and she needed a tenant for the duplex apartment she owned, Rachel became his landlord.

Other regulars were Becky (Megan Mullally), a young, naive, and overly enthusiastic new nurse on the floor; Zac (Bryan Brightcloud), a Native American male nurse whose service in Vietnam had prepared him well for Rachel’s disciplined unit; Dane (Dan Tullis Jr), the black orderly whose aspiration to become a nurse was somewhat in doubt since he was afraid of blood; Sister Joan (Kathleen Mitchell), the peppy black nun who ministered to both patients and staff; and Jeannette (Lois Foraker), the hospital’s obnoxious fat dietitian.

Rachel Gunn
Christine Ebersole
Dr David Dunkle
Kevin Conroy
Nurse Becky Jo Woolbright
Megan Mullally
Nurse Zac
Bryan Brightcloud
Dane Grey
Dan Tullis Jr
Sister Joan
Kathleen Mitchell
Lois Foraker