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1 9 9 4 – 1 9 9 5 (UK)
37 x episodes

This outrageously kitsch late-night soap followed the shenanigans of Anglican bishop Edward Rattigan (Paul Shelley) and his lust/drug/alcohol/dark secrets-sodden family.

His wife, Jessica (Judy Loe), would stop at nothing to preserve the family name, and over two seasons of Revelations she concealed her husband’s involvement in the death of his secretary, murdered her daughter-in-law, Rachel (Lucy Robinson) and buried her in the garden, then had an affair with Rachel’s brother, Steve (Gary Cady) and abandoned him to be blown up in a petrol explosion when he discovered that Jessica had murdered his sister.

Other characters included creepy housekeeper – and Jessica’s cousin – Mary (Carole Nimmons); Jessica’s gay son Gabriel (Stephen Mapes); Mark (Matthew Radford), her randy son-in-law; and Charlotte (Emma Roberts), her promiscuous daughter.

Surreally wooden (in the Crossroads style), strangely devoid of background music, and yet cultishly compulsive, the series was created by Russell T Davies (who would move on to greater things in the 21st century with Doctor Who and Torchwood) and debuted in ITV regions before a satellite screening by Sky 1.

Bishop Edward Rattigan
Paul Shelley
Jessica Rattigan
Judy Loe
Gabriel Rattigan
Stephen Mapes
Mary Beckett
Carole Nimmons
Charlotte Rattigan
Emma Roberts
Mark Tyler
Matthew Radford
Rachel Rattigan
Lucy Robinson
Helena Tyler
Nina Marc
Jimmy Moran
Miles Harvey
Ben Tyler
Philip Johnson
Steve Whittaker
Gary Cady