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Rich Tea & Sympathy

1 9 9 1 (UK)
6 x 60 minute episodes

Following on from his enormous success with A Bit of a Do, David Nobbs (Reggie Perrin) created Rich Tea and Sympathy, a story of love and politics.

Starring Patricia Hodge as Labour-voting single mother Julia Merrygrove and Dennis Quilley as pro-Tory widower and biscuit manufacturer George Rudge, this typically bitter-sweet Nobbs comedy concentrated not only on their growing relationship but also on those of their surrounding family, which included a number of awful children and a snooker-addicted Granny (Jean Alexander – Hilda Ogden of Coronation Street fame).

Julia Merrygrove
Patricia Hodge
George Rudge
Denis Quilley
Grandpa Rudge
Lionel Jeffries
Granny Trellis
Jean Alexander
Steve Merrygrove
Ray Lonnen
Tracie Bennett
Anne Reid
Colin Pink
James Warrior
Samantha Merrygrove
Claudia Bryan
John Merrygrove
Jason Flemyng
Warren Rudge
Chris Garner
Karen Rudge
Lorraine Ashbourne
Tracey Rudge
Sara Griffiths

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