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1 9 9 2 – 1 9 9 3 (UK)
12 x 50 minute episodes

A rare BBC excursion into feminist drama. focusing on a women-only minicab firm in Dalston, London.

Head of the firm was disillusioned, fortysomething, ex-army officer, Patrice Jenner (Jill Baker) who was trying to juggle the demands of her rebellious teenager, her lover and setting the business up.

Her human-flotsam crew included an ex-teacher (Louise Jameson from Doctor Who); pushy Australian freelance journalist Dale (Erica Grant) who was driving in her spare time; Raquel (Suzan Sylvester) who was Turkish and fighting family pressure to conform and get married; and Aileen (Lynda Steadman), an Irish hard-nut who suspected her boyfriend of abusing her daughter and got involved in giving a ride to a child abductor.

Meanwhile, the ladies were facing harassment from a rival (male) minicab business down the road in Hackney.

Underneath the heavy-handed pushes of the viewers’ nose into women’s troubles and society’s difficulties, was an appealing Carla Lane-esque humour and warmth.

The series was dreamed up by actress/writer/director Carole Hayman. A real North London all-woman minicab firm called Ladycabs acted as series consultant on the production.

Patrice Jenner
Jill Baker
Louise Jameson
Katharine Schlesinger
Dale Daley
Erica Grant
Lynda Steadman
Hal Goldie
Trevor Byfield
Nimmy March
Beki Jenner
Lucy Speed
Caroline Blakiston
Charlotte Avery
Nicola Cowper
Suzan Sylvester
Maureen Flynn