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SeaQuest DSV

1 9 9 3 – 1 9 9 6 (USA)
1 x 90 minute episode
58 x 60 minute episodes

This Hi-Tech Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea for the 90s featured the adventures of the 1,000-foot Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) supersub, SeaQuest, patrolling the deep on behalf of the United Earth/Oceans Organisation.

The SeaQuest crew was led by Roy Scheider – entering the sea again, just when he thought it might be safe having won the day in Jaws (1975).


The first season was very eco-aware and green-oriented, which resulted in a choppy critical reaction.

Nervous studio executives insisted on more bug-eyed monsters and fantasy – to the displeasure of Scheider (and many hardcore fans) who dismissed it as “childish trash”.

The show arose from the schlocky abyss for a cyberpunkish third season, but with Michael Ironside replacing Scheider on the bridge of SeaQuest Mk II – the original having been used to plug a magma fissure to stop a catastrophic earthquake – and the loss of the scene-stealing animatronic/CGI-generated dolphin, Darwin 9 (which was ruled too costly). The action was updated to 2032.

Captain Nathan Bridger
Roy Scheider
Captain Oliver Hudson
Michael Ironside
Lt Cmdr Katherine Hitchcock
Stacy Haiduk
Lucas Wolenczak
Jonathan Brandis
Dr Kristin Westphalen
Stephanie Beacham
Cmdr Jonathan Ford
Don Franklin
Lt Tim O’Neill
Ted Raimi
Peter DeLuise