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1 9 9 5 – 1 9 9 6 (USA)
21 x 25 minute episodes

This offbeat comedy centred on the lives of two mismatched brothers living together in a ratty tenement apartment in the Harlem section of Manhattan.

Slow-witted Simon (Harland Williams) was trusting and earnest, while his recently divorced brother, Carl (Jason Bateman), was more worldly, decidedly more obnoxious, and tolerated the living arrangement because he had lost his Wall Street stockbroker job.

When simple Simon fell into a high-paid job as a programming executive at Vintage Television, a cable network featuring reruns of dated series – apparently because he babbled lines from old TV shows – his brother couldn’t believe it. Neither could Mitch (Patrick Breen), the arrogant nephew of Vintage’s eccentric owner, Duke Stone (Paxton Whitehead). Franz (David Byrd) was Duke’s long-suffering butler.

Mitch spent most of his time trying to undermine the oblivious Simon while currying favour with his wealthy uncle.

Also working in the programming department at Vintage was Libby (Andrea Bendewald), who liked Simon and foiled Mitch’s efforts to get rid of him.

When Simon subsequently got Carl a job at Vintage that was more menial than his, it was quite a comedown for his ambitious brother, who desperately wanted to regain the executive perks he had once had.

At the end of each episode, as the closing credits rolled, there was a short “Ask Simon” segment in which he answered viewer questions with Forrest Gump-like innocence and wisdom.

Simon Hemple 
Harland Williams
Carl Hemple 
Jason Bateman
Libby Keeler
Andrea Bendewald
Mitch Lowen
Patrick Breen
Duke Stone
Paxton Whitehead
David Byrd


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