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1 9 9 0 (Australia)
40 x 50 minute episodes

A short-lived, equality-themed quality police drama from Roger Le Mesurier and Roger Simpson for Channel Seven (Australia).

Tracey Mann and Mary Coustas might have been “women of action” (so said the marketing blurb) but in the rank and file of the old-school police force the women officers of the welfare-based Community Policing Squad were just “skirts”.

Pauline Reardon
Tracy Mann
Tina Van Hervell
Antoinette Byron
Garry Block
Nicholas Bell
Debbie Priest
Karen Davitt
Julie Makris
Mary Coustas
Wanda Nowacek
Kate Gillick
Jenny Kruger
Sally-Anne Upton
Tom Waters
Gary Sweet
Nicholas Politis
Justin Connor
Bevan “Beverley” Quin
Ben Mitchell
Vinnie Barbuto
Alan King