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1 9 9 7 – 1 9 9 8 (USA)
9 x 60 minute episodes

“We have discovered a deeper stage of sleep that allows us to travel into your dreams. As you descend, focus on my voice. We will be with you in your dreams”

Neurophysiologist Dr Nathan Bradford (Bruce Greenwood) is the founder of the Morpheus Institute, a cutting-edge research facility dedicated to the study of dreams and their link to the waking world.

He and his team of medical researchers have developed technology to enter the dreams of people (via electronically activated ‘sleep beds’) and interact with them.

Bradford’s driving motivation is his desire to communicate with his comatose wife Gail Bradford (Kathrin Nicholson). It is only in their shared dreams that the two can talk and touch.

But the technology can be hired by individuals, and Dr Bradford and his team – Kate Russell (Naomi Watts), who has a vast knowledge of mythology and religion, Steve Turner (Michael Watson), and later, subject turned researcher, Ben Costigan (Jeffrey D. Sams) – make a number of daring and dangerous ventures into the dreamworld alongside some deeply troubled patients.

Vincent Konefke (Abraham Benrubi) is the team’s tech guy, who runs the equipment but does not enter dreams.

Episodes follow the team as they enter the minds of various people to help – and even solve crimes. The short-lived NBC series was cancelled after only six episodes had aired and the main storyline was left unresolved.

Dr Nathan Bradford
Bruce Greenwood 
Kate Russell

Naomi Watts
Steve Turner
Michael Watson
Ben Costigan
Jeffrey D. Sams
Vincent Konefke
Abraham Benrubi
Gail Bradford
Kathrin Nicholson