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Soldier Soldier

1 9 9 1 – 1 9 9 7 (UK)
82 x 50 minute episodes

Soldier Soldier followed the trials and tribulations of the soldiers of The King’s Own Fusiliers over seven seasons. The action-packed series was filmed all over the globe and made stars of its two leading men – Robson Green and Jerome Flynn.

Lt Jeremy Forsythe
Ben Nealon
Fusilier Dave Tucker
Robson Green
Cpl Paddy Garvey
Jerome Flynn
Donna Tucker
Rosie Rowell
Sgt Tony Wilton
Gary Love
Joy Wilton
Annabelle Apsion
Fus Andy Butcher
Danny Cunningham
Marsha Stubbs
Denise Welch
CSM Michael Stubbs
Rob Spendlove
Fusilier Joe Farrell
David Groves
Cpl Nancy Thorpe RMP
Holly Aird
Lance Cpl Steve Evans
Shaun Dingwall
Lt Kate Butler
Lesley Vickerage
Captain Kieran Voce
Dorian Healy
Cpl Mark Hobbs
Ian Curtis
Sgt Chris McCleod
Jonathan Guy Lewis
Sgt Angela McCleod
Fiona Bell
Pte Stacey Butcher
Kate O’Malley
Fus Mel Briggs
Simon Sherlock
Colette Daly
Angela Clarke