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Stand By Your Man

1 9 9 2 (USA)

Adapted from the hit British comedy series Birds Of A Feather, this programme revolved around sisters Rochelle (Melissa Gilbert) and Lorraine (Rosie O’Donnell).

Rochelle’s husband, Roger (Sam McMurray), had been an apparently successful builder of sunrooms and patio enclosures – but he had actually been making most of his money robbing banks with the help of Lorraine’s husband, Artie (Rick Hall).

After their men were caught and sent to prison, cynical, earthy Lorraine sold her trailer and moved into naive Rochelle’s fancy mansion in Franklin Heights, New Jersey.

Despite their money problems, Rochelle was loath to get a job. Lorraine, meanwhile, worked at a Bargain Circus discount store with Gloria (Rusty Schwimmer) and Sophie (Ellen Ratners).

The girls regularly visited their husbands in prison, primarily because Rochelle was still madly in love with Roger. Lorraine just thought he was a crook who got her gullible Artie involved in his criminal activities.

Adrienne (Miriam Flynn) was Rochelle’s next-door neighbour, a horny, status-conscious matron who made constant references to the jailbirds and the deterioration of the neighbourhood – despite her indiscriminate affairs with men, including Scab (Don Gibb), Lorraine’s illiterate biker friend.

Rochelle Dunphy
Melissa Gilbert-Brinkman
Lorraine Popowski

Rosie O’Donnell
Artie Popowski

Rick Hall
Roger Dunphy

Sam McMurray
Adrienne Stone

Miriam Flynn

Don Gibb

Rusty Schwimmer

Ellen Ratners