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Step by Step

1 9 9 1 – 1 9 9 8 (USA)
160 x 30 minute episodes

When faced with Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy in a Brady Bunch retread from the over-extended creators of Full House and Family Matters, you could be forgiven for expecting toxic waste. That the show was even bearable was something of a miracle.

Construction worker Frank Lambert (Duffy) was a divorced father of three kids; JT (John Thomas), Alicia (aka “Al”), and Brendan.

Widowed beautician Carol Foster (Somers) also had three children; Dana, Karen, and Mark.

When Frank and Carol spontaneously got married while on vacation in Jamaica, they and their children had to learn to live together and love each other.

Like any show by Miller-Boyett, Step By Step was assembly line efficient. It was never a critical favourite but scored well with the Friday night viewing audience.

The show was cancelled by ABC after the 6th season. CBS picked it up for its 7th and last season along with Family Matters, which had also been cancelled by ABC in an effort to create their own Friday night block of family programming.

Frank Lambert
Patrick Duffy
Carol Foster Lambert
Suzanne Somers
Dana Foster
Staci Keanan
John Thomas ‘JT’ Lambert
Brandon Call
Karen Foster
Angela Watson
Alicia ‘Al’ Lambert
Christine Lakin
Mark Foster
Christopher Castile
Brendan Lambert
Josh Byrne