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Swamp Thing

1 9 9 1 (USA/Canada)
5 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived animated series was based on the 1982 feature film of the same name.

Dr Alec Holland is a scientist intent on developing a growth formula that will enhance food and end world hunger and is conducting experiments in a lab overlooking the Louisiana swamp.

Anton Arcane, a crazed plantation owner who believes the formula will give him absolute power, confronts Alec, seeking the secret formula.

When Alec refuses to give it up, a fight ensues and Alec, doused with the unstable growth formula, catches fire. To save himself, Alec jumps into the swamp water.

The swamp water reacts with the chemicals and transforms Alec into Swamp Thing (Len Carlson).

Stories relate Alec’s battle to protect the environment by stopping Arcane from ravaging the swamp to conduct his experiments in the hopes of duplicating the formula.

Abigail (Paulina Gillis) is Arcane’s niece and secretly Swamp Thing’s friend. Abigail knew Alec and possesses his diary, which contains the secret of the growth formula.

Kenner produced a line of Swamp Thing action figures with vehicles and playsets based on the animated series.

Swamp Thing/Dr Alec Holland
Len Carlson
Anton Arcane
Don Francks
Abigail Arcane
Paulina Gillis
Bayou Jack
Philip Akin
Harvey Atkin
Skin Man
Gordon Masten
Weed Killer
Joe Matheson
Richard Yearwood
Jonathan Potts