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1 9 9 0 (USA)

Sydney Kells (Valerie Bertinelli) was a bright, self-confident, single woman trying to make a living as a private detective in her native Los Angeles. Her first problem was getting anyone to take her seriously.

Most of Sydney’s assignments came from Matt Keating (Craig Bierko), an uptight young attorney who marvelled at her professional skills but was embarrassed to admit to his superiors that he was using a good-looking young woman as an investigator. They thought ‘Sydney’ was a man.

Although Matt was engaged and very square, Sydney did find him attractive. Others in her life were Billy (the future Chandler Bing, Matthew Perry), her naive and dimpled kid brother who had followed in their father’s footsteps and become a cop and Jill (Rebeccah Bush), her attractive neighbour who was forever fending off Billy’s clumsy romantic overtures.

Sydney spent much of her spare time at The Blue Collar, a neighbourhood tavern whose owner/bartender Ray (Barney Martin) was a longtime family friend and surrogate father.

Other regulars at the tavern were Perry (Perry Anzilotti), Sydney’s most reliable snitch, and Cheezy (Daniel Baldwin), a crude, grubby guy who was constantly propositioning her.

The theme song for this mild-mannered CBS comedy – Finish What Ya Started – was written by Ms Bertinelli’s husband, Eddie Van Halen, and performed by his band.

Sydney Kells
Valerie Bertinelli
Billy Kells
Matthew Perry
Matt Keating
Craig Bierko
Barney Martin
Rebeccah Bush
Perry Anzilotti
Daniel Baldwin