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Tek War

1 9 9 6 (USA)
18 x 60 minute episodes

In 2045 an ex-cop called Jake Cardigan (Greg Evigan from My Two Dads and BJ and The Bear) joins the Cosmos Detective Agency where he is employed to hunt down traffickers of Tek, a highly addictive virtual-reality programme that took its users into a fantasy world from which they might never escape.

Jake had been cryogenically imprisoned on trumped-up charges because he got too close to the truth. Once out, albeit disgraced, he was recruited by the mysterious Bascom (William Shatner), the powerful head of the huge Cosmos security agency, to fight Tek undercover.

All the high-tech resources of Cosmos were at his disposal, including worldwide communications, holographic simulations of reality, the means to infiltrate enemy computers, space-age weapons, and Bascom’s connections.

Tek was controlled by evil forces known as the Teklords, and governments were losing (or corrupted by) the worldwide battle with them.

In the end, though, Bascom’s real agenda was never entirely clear, and Jake relied on his wits more than technology to save the day. Sid (Eugene Clark) was Jake’s first partner, succeeded by sexy Sam (Maria Del Mar).

Nika (Natalie Radford) was a helpful computer jock at Cosmos, Cowgirl (Lexa Doig) and Spaz (Ernie Gruenwald) were two cyberpunks who could literally “fly” into enemy computer networks using a kind of virtual reality, Winger (Maurice Dean Wint) was an android cop who was constantly on Jake’s case, and Grout (Dana Brooks) was a government agent who tried to foil him.

TekWar was based on a series of novels by actor William Shatner that were made into four syndicated TV movies seen during early 1994. Shatner was also the executive producer of the series and appeared on the show occasionally.

Jake Cardigan
Greg Evigan
Sid Gomez
Eugene Clark
Beth Kittridge
Toni Higginson
Sam Houston
Maria Del Mar
Lt. Winger
Maurice Dean Wint
Natalie Radford
Shelley Grout
Dana Brooks
Lexa Doig
Ernie Gruenwald
Walter Bascom 
William Shatner