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Terry and Julian

1 9 9 2 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Flamboyant Channel 4 television celebrity Julian (Julian Clary) moves into a Streatham flat with geeky well-meaning Terry (Lee Simpson), completely transforming his life and home and repeatedly upsetting Terry’s pint-sized moustachioed policewoman fiancee, Rene (Kate Lonergan).

Julian transforms Terry’s ugly flat into a Barbara Cartland-ish nightmare and takes over Terry’s life to the point of marrying him, thus setting up the six-part series as Britain’s answer to The Odd Couple.

As had been the case with Sticky Moments, Julian’s script consisted of one double entendre after another, and he frequently stepped out of sitcom mode and invited the studio audience into the plot. Some of the best moments of Terry and Julian were when Julian selected an audience member and subjected them to some very funny humiliation.

Julian Clary
Lee Simpson
Kate Lonergan
Fanny the Wonderdog


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