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They Came from Outer Space

1 9 9 0 – 1 9 9 1 (USA)
21 x 60 minute episodes

Like most parents, Mr and Mrs Osceack (Rosalee Mayeux and Victor Brandt) believe their sons Abe (Stuart Fratkin) – which is short for Ablerama – and Bo (Dean Cameron) – short for Boximaxio – would benefit from a year of college to teach them responsibility.

Although they live on the planet Crouton, Abe and Bo decide to attend Cambridge University in England.

En route to Earth, Bo reads a girlie magazine called Baby Doll and becomes fascinated with a bikini-clad girl named Tammy. When he reads that Tammy sunbathes in the nude, he convinces Abe that they should make California their home rather than going to Cambridge University.

Their spaceship enters the Earth’s atmosphere before Abe can lower the ship’s sunscreen, causing damage to their craft which crash lands in a car junkyard in California.

Linking arms to activate their power of transfer, Abe and Bo transform several junk cars into a sparkling red 1957 Corvette, which they equip with the communication device from their ship and decide to travel across America picking up chicks and learning about life on Earth in place of a formal college education.

Colonel Barker (Allan Royle) and Lieutenant Wilson (Christopher Carroll) of the Extraterrestrial Investigation Unit of the US Air Force become suspicious of the sex-crazed teenage brothers and begin to monitor their movements.

Bo and Abe can “mind speak” and become part of inanimate objects. They also have enormous appetites and support themselves by taking various jobs as they travel across the country – usually causing havoc as they go.

Abe (Ablerama Osceack)
Stuart Fratkin
Bo (Boximaxio Osceack)
Dean Cameron
Colonel Tom Barker
Allan Royle
Lieutenant Pat Wilson
Christopher Carroll
Mrs Osceack (Bo and Abe’s mother)
Rosalee Mayeux
Mr Osceack (Bo and Abe’s father)
Victor Brandt