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Thunder Alley

1 9 9 4 – 1 9 9 5 (USA)
27 x 30 minute episodes

Gil Jones (Ed Asner) was an older, retired stock car driver with a nearly perfect life: he had his own successful Detroit garage, time to hang out with the boys, and a waiting room in which to charm the ladies who came in with their bent fenders.

Into this masculine paradise came divorced daughter Bobbi (Diane Venora for eight episodes and then Robin Riker for the rest of the series), with Gil’s three grandchildren – 11-year-old Claudine (Kelly Vint), 8-year-old Jenny (Lindsay Felton) and 5-year-old Harry (Haley Joel Osment). The kids needed a father figure, and Gil would have to do.

Moving in with her widower dad in his apartment over the garage, Bobbi tried to domesticate him. He barked, she retaliated. He was stubborn, she taught him little lessons.

Leland (Jim Beaver) was Gil’s mangy, droll chief mechanic.

Gil Jones
Edward Asner
Leland DuParte
Jim Beaver
Claudine Turner
Kelly Vint Castro
Harry Turner
Haley Joel Osment
Jenny Turner
Lindsay Felton
Angelina Fiordellisi
Bobbi Turner
Diane Venora (1)
Robin Riker (2)
Jack Kelly
Andrew Keegan
Ritch Brinkley