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1 9 9 4 (USA)
12 x 30 minute episodes

Tom Graham (Tom Arnold) was a big, grinning welder with a dream – to take over the family farm and build a dream house on the land.

After he acquired the barely functioning, run-down farm, located next to the city dump, several miles from a small town in Kansas, Tom borrowed a construction trailer for temporary living quarters and moved his family in.

His sensible wife, Dorothy (Alison La Placa), who had just started law school, tried to be supportive, but the kids gave the move mixed reviews. They all felt isolated out at the dump and hated being cramped into the trailer while their dad, who welded amusement-park rides with his brother-in-law Rodney (Danton Stone) during the day, made painfully slow progress with the house.

Mike (Jason Marsden), the oldest, was good-looking, girl-crazy, and a manipulator; Trevor, (Josh Stoppelwerth) fat and self-conscious, teased and bullied his siblings; Emily (Tiffany Lubran) and Charlotte (Kathryn Lubran) were relatively happy twins; and Donnie (Andrew Lawrence), the youngest, believed anything his brothers and sisters told him.

Kara (Colleen Camp), Rodney’s wife and Dorothy’s sister, was a constant thorn in Tom’s side, always putting him down and making fun of his slow progress on the house, which closely resembled a large hole in the ground.

Tom Graham
Tom Arnold
Dorothy Graham
Alison La Placa
Mike Graham
Jason Marsden
Trevor Graham
Josh Stoppelwerth
Emily Graham
Tiffany Lubran
Charlotte Graham
Kathryn Lubran
Donnie Graham
Andrew Lawrence
Rodney Wilhoit
Danton Stone
Kara Wilhoit
Colleen Camp