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Tomorrow People, The

1 9 9 2 – 1 9 9 5 (UK)
25 x 25 minute episodes

This revival of the cult classic 1970s science fiction series featured three teens with extraordinary powers who banded together to battle diabolical foes and save the world.

Adam (Kristian Schmid), Megabyte (Christian Tessier) and Lisa (Kristen Ariza) were the original teens who had reached “the next stage of human evolution” and were able to teleport, use mental telepathy, and sense when one of the others was in danger.

Their adventures unfolded in stories that spanned five episodes each. In one a mad scientist named Dr Culex (Jean Marsh) developed a strain of robotic killer mosquitoes in order to take over the world. In another, an American mobster and an urbane scientist created a rain-making machine with the same purpose.

The team’s young friend Kevin (Adam Pearce) disappeared after the first two stories, and the female members changed as well (Lisa in story one, Ami in stories two, three and four and Jade in number five).

A further remake was produced in America in 2013. The series was not successful and was cancelled after one season.

Kristian Schmid
Christian Tessier
Kevin Wilson
Adam Pearce
Kristen Ariza
Naomie Harris
Alexandra Milman