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Too Something (New York Daze)

1 9 9 5 – 1 9 9 6 (USA)
22 x 30 minute episodes

Eric McDougal (Eric Schaeffer) – a would-be writer that hardly ever writes and won’t let people read his work – and his best friend Donny Reeves (Donal Lardner Ward) – a long-haired photographer that refuses to show his pictures in public – share a New York apartment.

The two are nearing thirty and, in their own words, “aren’t afraid of hugging and . . . don’t get into all the weird macho stuff”. 

They work in the mailroom at Crown, Fink and Wagner, where they spend much of their time trying not to get noticed and promoted – which would interrupt their dreams of being a writer and a photographer.

Evelyn (Lisa Gerstein) is their opinionated friend who has trouble sustaining relationships, while Daisy (Mindy Seeger), a sarcastic dogwalker, rents a room from Eric.

Maria (Portia de Rossi), who also lives in their building, is a pretty junior associate at the company where Eric and Donny work. Eric has the hots for her.

Critics predicted that the show might appeal to younger viewers but not to anyone else. Turns out it didn’t appeal to anybody much.

Despite a name change to New York Daze, Fox dumped it after another month on the air.

Eric McDougal
Eric Schaeffer
Donny Reeves
Donal Lardner Ward
Maria Hunter
Portia de Rossi
Lisa Gerstein
Larry Poindexter
Mindy Seeger