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1 9 9 6 (USA)
15 x 30 minute episodes

This girl-buddy sitcom was set in the quaint fishing town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, and featured three girls who had been high school friends and who were now twentysomething waitresses at a local restaurant.

Carrie (Molly Ringwald) was the peacemaker, Shannon (Jenna Elfman) the loose liver liable to have naked guys in her apartment, and Denise (Lauren Graham) the nervous wreck about to become a bride – if she could pull Ryan (Billy Burr), the father of her baby, away from watching the Boston Celtics long enough.

They hung out, bantered with the guys, and dreamt of getting out of Gloucester, where “The economy sucks, there’s nothing to do, and everything I own smells like fish” (according to Shannon).

Kurt (Ron Livingston) was Carrie’s platonic pal, Kathy (Lee Garlington) and Mike (Dion Anderson) her traditional parents, Marge (Conchata Ferrell) the raspy owner of the diner, and Jesse (Joseph Reitman), Marge’s son.

Carrie Donovan
Molly Ringwald
Jenna Elfman
Denise Rivaldi
Lauren Graham
Billy Burr
Ron Livingston
Kathy Donovan
Lee Garlington
Mike Donovan
Dion Anderson
Conchata Ferrell
Joseph Reitman