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Toxic Crusaders

1 9 9 1 – 1 9 9 3 (USA)
13 x 24 minute episodes

This cartoon spin-off from the feature film The Toxic Avenger (1985) was set in Tromaville, New Jersey – a world where deadly toxins are as natural as clear water.

One day a geeky janitor named Melvin Junko (Rodger Bumpass) stumbles and falls into toxic waste. He emerges as Toxie, a deformed mutant with superhuman strength.

He is also embodied with a sense of justice and joins with other mutants – No Zone, Major Disaster, Junkyard and Head Banger – to form the Toxic Crusaders.

No-Zone (Paul Eiding) was originally a test pilot until he flew through a hole in the ozone layer and crashed into a silo of radioactive pepper.

He gained the appearance of a blue-skinned humanoid with a wheel for a right foot and powerful sneezes emitted from his enormous nose.

Major Disaster (Ed Gilbert) was originally a soldier who gained the ability to control plants after falling into a radioactive swamp.

Junkyard (Gregg Berger) was a fusion of an actual junkyard dog and a homeless man who took shelter in his kennel. Unfortunately, the kennel was covered in toxic waste and when lightning struck it the two merged together into one humanoid dog.

Headbanger was also a fusion – cantankerous mad scientist Dr Bender (Hal Rayle) was the right half while surfer and singing telegram dude Fender (John Mariano) was the left half.

Fender had been responsible for the accident when they both fell into an atom-smasher and became joined into one two-headed body.

The gang now use their unique abilities to fight crime and the enemies of the planet – polluters from the planet Smogula, including Czar Zosta (Patric Zimmerman), Dr Killemoff (Rodger Bumpass) and Psycho (Michael J. Pollard), who wreak ecological havoc with the help of Tromaville’s corrupt Mayor Grody (Chuck McCann).

Toxie is supported in his crusade by his mother (Susan Silo) and his nearsighted accordion-playing buxom blonde girlfriend Yvonne (Kath Soucie).

As the series progressed, it adapted partial elements of other Troma feature films from the Toxic Avenger franchise by reintroducing Apocalypse Inc, an organization of evil beings from outer space – led by Dr Killemoff (Rodger Bumpass) – who are bent on destroying Tromaville.

Melvin Junko/Toxie/Dr Killemoff
Rodger Bumpass
Paul Eiding
Major Disaster
Ed Gilbert
Gregg Berger
John Mariano
Dr Bender
Hal Rayle
Mrs Junko
Susan Silo
Kath Soucie
Mayor Grody
Chuck McCann
Mona, the mayor’s secretary 
Susan Blu
Michael J. Pollard
Czar Zosta
Patric Zimmerman
Hal Rayle


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