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5 x 60 minute episodes

Joe Trapchek (George C. Scott) was a retired chief of homicide in Seattle who had come out of retirement at the behest of Cmdr. Parkhurst (Lindsay Crouse) to consult on tough cases.

His return gave Joe an opportunity to rebuild a frayed relationship with his grandson, Chris (Dan Cortese), a young detective on the force.

Chris, a free spirit who didn’t always follow traditional police procedure, had been estranged from Joe ever since he had become a police officer. After his father, Dan, a highly-decorated cop, had been killed by a criminal, Chris’s relationship with Joe had deteriorated even further.

It was tough trying to be his own man when there were two generations of Trapcheks with stellar records preceding him on the force.

Helping to establish communication between the two was Chris’s partner, Jack (Bill Nunn), who had been Dan’s partner.

While grandfather and grandson tried to work out their professional and personal conflicts they also had to deal with the deteriorating health of Joe’s wife, Cora (Piper Laurie), who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The short-lived CBS series was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Joe Trapchek
George C. Scott
Detective Chris Trapchek
Dan Cortese
Cmdr. Laura Parkhurst
Lindsay Crouse
Cora Trapchek
Piper Laurie
Detective Jack Cloud
Bill Nunn