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Upper Hand, The

1 9 9 0 – 1 9 9 6 (UK)
95 x 25 minute episodes

This terminally cosy role-reversal sitcom was a British version of America’s Who’s The Boss?

On suffering injury as a professional footballer, Charlie Burrows (Joe McGann) – who is bringing up his streetwise and tomboyish 11-year-old daughter, Joanna (Kellie Bright) alone – takes up a position as resident housekeeper in the Henley household of Caroline Wheatley (Diana Weston), an ambitious advertising executive with the firm of Blake & Hunter.

Caroline is separated from wildlife filmmaker Michael (Nicky Henson).

Caroline’s seven-year-old son, Tom (William Puttock), warms to Charlie and, before long, so does his mum. An on-off love affair followed for six long seasons before the toothsome twosome finally married in a one-off hour-long special in 1995.

The only real visible humour came in the form of Caroline’s mother, Laura West – a vivacious sex-crazed OAP played by Honor Blackman of The Avengers fame.

Caroline Wheatley
Diana Weston
Charlie Burrows

Joe McGann
Laura West

Honor Blackman
Joanna Burrows

Kellie Bright
Tom Wheatley

William Puttock
Michael Wheatley

Nicky Henson