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Virtual Murder

1 9 9 2 (UK)
6 x 30 episodes

An attempt to do an Avengers/Department S style show in a modern setting with eccentric psychology lecturer and amateur detective Dr John Cornelius (Nicholas Clay) stepping in to investigate mysteries about melting paintings and crimes committed via ‘Virtual Reality’, assisted by his glamorous, “rich and reckless” sidekick, Samantha Valentine (Kim Thomson).

An impressively offbeat guest cast included Julian Clary, Tony Robinson, Bernard Bresslaw and Jon Pertwee (playing an elderly pyromaniac who targets sex shops).

Poor scheduling (Friday evenings in the summer) put paid to any chances of success for what was a superior and delightfully surreal effort from the BBC.

Dr John Cornelius
Nicholas Clay
Samantha Valentine
Kim Thomson
Inspector Cadogan
Stephen Yardley
Sergeant Gummer
Jude Akuwudike
Miss Phoebe Littlejohn
Carole Boyd
Professor Griffiths
Alan David