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Visitor, The

1 9 9 7 – 1 9 9 8 (USA)

Adam MacArthur (John Corbett) had vanished in the Bermuda Triangle in 1947, abducted by aliens, only to return in 1997 in an alien ship that was shot down by the US Air Force.

He had not aged appreciably in the half-century since his abduction, and now had powers (given to him by his abductors) that made him a target of both the military and the FBI.

Adam wandered from place to place helping people while trying to evade capture. He could also communicate with animals, stop his wounds from bleeding, heal himself and others, read more than 100 pages a minute, levitate, and read other people’s thoughts.

The aliens, after having abducted many humans for experiments, had reached the conclusion humanity was on the road to its own destruction. But Adam was determined to prevent mankind from destroying itself with pollution and runaway bad technology.

Every time he used computers to access restricted Pentagon files, the CIA tried to seal them off and trace his location, but he was always one step ahead of them.

For a time Adam was also chased by ‘The Hunter’ (Adam Baldwin), another abductee who didn’t want him to alter history or save mankind from extinction. The Hunter was killed by a crazed Colonel Vise (Steve Railsback), one of his own childhood friends who had been haunted by the abduction of a group of his friends in 1975.

At the beginning of the last episode Adam was cornered by the FBI but before they could take him into custody, a UFO beamed him aboard, with the wounded Vise (who later died) left behind.

On the ship, he was put on trial by his fellow abductees for tampering with the future. The Hunter (his body now occupied by another who had been saved by Adam) served as his defence counsel.

Adam was returned from the UFO to resume his mission – as decreed by the never-seen alien ‘Elders’ – as his sentence for having caused problems in the first place. Meanwhile, mysterious people in the US government disbanded the group that had been chasing him because they now believed in UFOs.

Adam MacArthur
John Corbett
Agent Douglas Wilcox
Grand L. Bush
Agent Nicolas LaRue
Leon Rippy
Agent Craig Van Patten
John Storey
Col. James Vise
Steve Railsback
Michael (‘The Hunter’) Ryan
Adam Baldwin