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Waiting For God

1 9 9 0 – 1 9 9 4 (UK)
47 x 30 minute episodes

Stephanie Cole and Graham Crowden starred in the adventures of two geriatric delinquents from the Bayview retirement home who pass their time railing against a world where the young are revered and the elderly held in contempt.

Acid-tongued, world-weary, former photojournalist Diana Trent (Cole) and gleeful, eccentric accountant Tom Ballard (Crowden) rebel against the lethargy of their fellow inmates and the dodgy schemes of the Bayview’s profit-hungry manager, Harvey (Daniel Hill), and his simpering assistant Jane (Janine Duvitski).

A splendid half-hour of tragi-comedy, blackly reminiscent of Mike Leigh.

Diana Trent
Stephanie Cole
Tom Ballard

Graham Crowden
Harvey Bains

Daniel Hill

Janine Duvitski

Sandra Payne

Andrew Tourell