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Waiting For God

1 9 9 0 – 1 9 9 4 (UK)
47 x 30 minute episodes

Stephanie Cole and Graham Crowden starred in the adventures of two geriatric delinquents from the Bayview Retirement Home in Bournemouth who pass their time railing against a world where the young are revered and the elderly held in contempt.

Acid-tongued, world-weary, former photojournalist Diana Trent (Cole) and gleeful, eccentric accountant Tom Ballard (Crowden) rebel against the lethargy of their fellow inmates and the dodgy schemes of the Bayview’s profit-hungry manager, Harvey (Daniel Hill), and his simpering assistant Jane (Janine Duvitski).

They scuppered all Harvey’s cost-cutting measures with threats of bad publicity and goaded their fellow residents into demanding more from life.

When finances became tight, Diana was forced to move in with Tom, but she fought tooth and nail against marriage.

A splendid half-hour of tragi-comedy, blackly reminiscent of Mike Leigh. Also seen were Jenny (Dawn Hope), the good-natured waitress; OAP colleagues like Basil (Michael Bilton), Davey (Ross Thompson) and Jamie (Paddy Ward), and, later, spaced-out vicar Dennis Sparrow (Tim Preece).

Diana Trent
Stephanie Cole
Tom Ballard

Graham Crowden
Harvey Bains

Daniel Hill
Jane Edwards

Janine Duvitski
Marion Ballard

Sandra Payne
Geoffrey Ballard

Andrew Tourell
Dawn Hope
Basil Makepeace
Michael Bilton
Ross Thompson
Jamie Edwards
Paddy Ward
Reverend Dennis Sparrow
Tim Preece