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Welcome Freshmen

1 9 9 1 – 1 9 9 3 (USA)
52 x 30 minute episodes

In the wake of the success of NBC’s frothy high school sitcom Saved by the Bell, Nickelodeon launched this close copy set at Hawthorne High, Anytown, USA.

The characters were equally generic: bumbling schemer Walter (Rick Galloway), spacey black student Kevin (Chris Lobban), dumb jock Grant (Brock Bradley), Grant’s lovelorn girlfriend Alex (Jocelyn Steiner), and Grant’s sister, earnest Erin (Arian Ash).

Mr Lippman (Mike Speller) was the bald, nasal vice-principal, a total nutcase who was constantly bumbling into trouble, and Miss Petruka (Janis Benson) was his absentminded secretary.

The series began as a sketch comedy and evolved into a situation comedy during the second 26 episodes, with stories revolving around pranks and puppy loves that invariably went astray.

Walter Patterson
Rick Galloway
Alex Moore
Jocelyn Steiner
Kevin St. James
Chris Lobban
David Rhoden
Jill Setter
Erin Kelly
Arian Ash
Grant Kelly
Brock Bradley
Manny Barrington
Nicholas Caruso
Mr Elliott Lippman
Mike Speller
Miss Petruka
Janis Benson
Mr History
Phil Card