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Welcome to Paradox

1 9 9 8 (Canada)
13 x 45 minute episodes

A big-budget Canadian science fiction anthology series that looked to the future and warned, “Be careful what you wish for.”

The citizens of the future had built a domed city called Betaville, where technology served their every need – A prison without walls, inmates controlled with implants, computers teaching children to behave like machines, having multiple clones of yourself for ready organ transplants, and sentient computerised crime-fighting vehicles.

Society appeared to have realised its fondest dreams – no apparent crime, disease, hostility, or stress. But human frailties being what they are, the greedy, the criminal, and the emotionally distraught were constantly tempted to exploit the wondrous scientific advances for their own ends.

Among the guest stars in these cautionary tales were Mayim Bialik, A Martinez, Ice-T, Henry Rollins and Steven Bauer. The only regular was the host, called Paradox, who introduced each episode.

Paradox (Host)
Michael Philip


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