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What A Dummy

1 9 9 0 – 1 9 9 1 (USA)
24 x 30 minute episodes

Shortly after the death of their great uncle, Jackie Brannigan, a 99-year-old vaudeville performer, Ed (David Doty) and Polly (Annabel Armour) Brannigan and their children – Tucker (Stephen Dorff), Cory (Joshua Rudoy) and Maggie (Janna Michaels) – inherit his possessions, including an old trunk.

While looking through the trunk, Cory finds ‘Buzz’, the dummy Jackie used in his vaudeville act, ‘Brannigan and Buzz’.

Buzz, however, is no ordinary ventriloquist’s dummy. He is alive and can talk. And he has been in the trunk for 50 years, so he’s full of wisecracks and has a lot to say! The dummy is voiced by Loren Freeman.

Stories revolve around Buzz’s antics and the Brannigans’ efforts to keep him a secret.

The Brannigans live at 912 Lincoln Drive in Secaucus, New Jersey, where their nosey neighbour is Mrs Treva Travalony (Kaye Ballard). Ed owns Brannigan’s Seafood Restaurant.

Polly Brannigan
Annabel Armour
Ed Brannigan
David Doty
Tucker Brannigan
Stephen Dorff
Cory Brannigan
Joshua Rudoy
Margaret (Maggie) Brannigan
Janna Michaels
Mrs Treva Travalony
Kaye Ballard
Buzz (voice)
Loren Freeman