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1 9 9 3 – 2 0 0 0 (UK)
204 x 9 minute episodes

“Time for a spot of Wizzification!”

Wizadora was designed to help prepare kids for school. The title character was a trainee wizard who was always trying to solve problems using magic.

Other regular characters included Tatty Bogle, a dim-witted scarecrow who lived in Wizadora’s back garden and continually got his words muddled up, Pippa the Postwoman and Stan the Shopkeeper (Brian Murphy of George and Mildred fame), who regularly took delivery of new magical catalogue items for Wizadora.

wizadora2 wizadora5

Many of the objects in Wizadora’s cottage could speak (as a result of spells going astray): Hangle was a purple coat hanger with a yellow raincoat, glasses, a moustache and a crude sense of humour; Phoebe was a talking telephone who answered calls, took messages, and spoke many different languages; Top, Sticky and Bottom were three mischievous (and perpetually hungry) sock-like creatures who lived in a set of drawers; Filbert was a squeaking vegetable (and fellow trainee wizard) who loved to water the plants, and Poot was Wizadora’s computer.

Wizadora also had a very old fish called, well . . . Very Old Fish.

Welsh-born actress Wendy van der Plank played the character of Wizadora between 1993 and 1996.

Lizzie McPhee took over the role in 1997 while Wendy was away on maternity leave. Wendy returned for the last set of episodes from 29 January 1998 to the end of the show’s run.

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Wendy van der Plank (1)
Lizzie McPhee (2)
Tatty Bogle
Joe Greco (1)
Steven Ryde (2)
Stan the Shopkeeper

Brian Murphy
Pippa the Postwoman

Tessa Hatts 

Francis Wright