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Yo Yogi!

1 9 9 1 (USA)
19 x 30 minute episodes

This NBC update of the classic Yogi Bear series found Yogi and his friends Boo Boo, Cindy Bear, Huckleberry Hound and Snagglepuss as teenagers hanging out at the Jellystone Mall.

The friends also operated as amateur detectives – calling themselves The Lost and Found Squad (or L.A.F. Squad for short) – and stories related their efforts to solve crimes that occur in the Mall.

The mall was owned by “Diamond” Doggie Daddy. His son, Augie Doggie was the heir to the mall business.

The series featured appearances by a vast array of other Hanna-Barbera characters. The show did not do well in the ratings and was cancelled in the summer of 1992.

Yogi Bear
Greg Burson
Boo Boo
Don Messick
Cindy Bear
Kath Soucie
Greg Burson
Dickie Dastardly
Rob Paulsen
Don Messick
Max the Mole
Lennie Weinrib
“Diamond” Doggie Daddy
John Stephenson
Augie Doggie
Patric Zimmerman
Huckleberry Hound
Greg Berg
William Shakesbear
Pat Harrington Jr.
Hokey Wolf
Matt Hurwitz
Peter Potamus
Frank Welker
Quick Draw McGraw
Danny Cooksey
Wally Gator
S. Scott Bullock
Magilla Gorilla
Pat Fraley
Top Cat
Arte Johnson
Danny Mann
Baba Looey
Henry Polic II
Morocco Mole
Neil Ross
Blabber Mouse
Hal Smith
Mr Jinks
John Stephenson
Atom Ant
Russi Taylor
Secret Squirrel
Lennie Weinrib
Bombastic Bobby
Lewis Arquette