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You Take The Kids

1 9 9 0 – 1 9 9 1 (USA)

This short-lived CBS comedy about a blue-collar family living in Pittsburgh’s inner-city featured Michael Kirkland (Roger E. Mosley), who made a modest living as a school-bus driver, a job he had held for years.

Nell, his opinionated but loving wife of 17 years (Nell Carter), taught piano at home to provide a little extra money for the family.

Together they were raising their four children – Raymond (Dante Beze), whose only apparent goal in life was to stay cool; Lorette (Caryn Ward), who was desperate to get a boyfriend; Peter (Marlon Taylor), the family intellectual who wanted to become a doctor; and Nate (Trent Cameron), the resident pint-sized con artist.

Living in the basement was Nell’s loudmouthed mother, Helen (Leila Danette), who wished her daughter had married better and was not shy about saying it in front of poor Michael.

Nell Carter also performed the theme song, Nobody’s Got It Easy.

Nell Kirkland
Nell Carter
Michael Kirkland
Roger E. Mosley
Raymond Kirkland (age 16)
Dante Beze
Lorette Kirkland (age 14)
Caryn Ward
Peter Kirkland (age 12)
Marlon Taylor
Nate Kirkland (age 10)
Trent Cameron
Leila Danette