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You’re The One

1 9 9 8 (USA)
2 x 30 minute episodes

Perky Lindsay Metcalf (Cynthia Geary) was a WASPy Southern aristocrat, the great-granddaughter of a Civil War general who fell for Mark Weitz (Elon Gold), a prototypical New Yawker and the great-grandson of a Rumanian horse trader.

She was an elegant landscape architect, he ran a baseball website on the Internet, called ‘The Score’.

Needless to say, their parents – especially hers – were aghast. Lindsay’s blustery, gun-toting dad, Bo (Leo Burmester), constantly tested his new son-in-law (“understand you’re a Jew?”), buying ‘The Score’ and saddling him with his timid teenage son, Chip (Jayce Bartok).

Mark’s large, noisy clan – including mum and dad Leanore (Dori Brenner) and Sy (Lenny Wolpe) – descended on the newlyweds, nattering over everything.

Stereotypes abounded as the two clans met. Mercifully, it all ended after only two episodes.

Lindsay Metcalf
Cynthia Geary
Mark Weitz
Elon Gold
Chip Metcalf
Jayce Bartok
Robin Weitz
Julie Dretzin
Troy Winbush
Bo Metcalf
Leo Burmester
Mary Chase Metcalf
Jessie Jones
Leanore Weitz
Dori Brenner
Sy Weitz
Lenny Wolpe