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Zig and Zag’s Dirty Deeds

1 9 9 6 (UK)

The fuzzy felt puppets – aliens from Planet Zog – first landed on Ireland RTE’s show Den TV, then switched to Channel 4’s morning flagship The Big Breakfast, before finally going it alone in Zig and Zag’s Dirty Deeds.

Here the vindictive, neon-toned duo performed ‘mission impossibles’ for filthy lucre on behalf of celebrity clients.

Chris Evans hired them to stage a musical called ‘Gingerella’, and boy band Upside Down hired their services to wreck the career of rivals Boyzone. It was like Challenge Anneka but without the laughs.

Scatological and incomprehensible, it was really not worth wasting time on. Unless you were eight-years-old or younger or found the word “poo” funny.

Ciaran Morrison
Mick O’Hara