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1 9 9 7 – 1 9 9 8 (USA)
17 x 30 minute episodes

“We were obnoxious little brats. We cut classes, broke curfew and snuck into R-rated movies,” says Maggie Marino (Heather Paige Kent) about her and her best friend, Jenny McMillan (former Playboy ‘Playmate of the Year’ Jenny McCarthy,) “But now we’re poised, composed and no longer kids as we start a new beginning.”

Maggie is referring to their move from Utica, New York – where they were on the girls’ basketball team at Utica High and worked at Chubby Boy Burger – to “the Playpen”, a mansion in the Hollywood Hills that was owned by Jenny’s late father, movie star Guy Hathaway (George Hamilton), and left to her in his will.

Jenny and Maggie work at Inky Pete’s High-Speed Copying and Offset Printing (where copies are three cents each) and sell Skin So Nice skincare products on the side. Jenny gets the hiccups when she is nervous and she and Maggie – whose idea of culture is shopping at the mall – have to control their coffee intake or they become edgy and hyper.

Looking at guys and making up stories about who they are and what they do is a childhood game the girls still play wherever they go.

“We may have our quarrels, we may go our separate ways, but we’ll be there for each other. We’re friends,” says Maggie.

Jennifer McMillan
Jenny McCarthy
Margaret ‘Maggie’ Marino
Heather Paige Kent
Dale Godboldo
Rafer Weigel
Guy Hathaway
George Hamilton
Ted Tucker
Kevin Ruf