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Intelligence Men, The (1965)

In their big-screen debut, British comedy duo Morecambe and Wise are special agents in this espionage spoof.

The two were never really able to translate their television brilliance to the big screen, and the surprisingly confusing plot fails to unite their few recognised skits.

Ernie, a clerical employee at MI5, meets Spanish café owner Eric.


Eric inadvertently reveals he has by chance learnt of criminal organisation Schlecht meeting at the Cosmopolitan Hotel when he is mistaken as an agent. MI5 sees the opportunity to send him undercover doubling as Major Cavendish.

Their task is to protect the Ballerina Madam Petrovna, the idol of the Russian people.

Her life is in the hands of two of the world’s most incompetent spies during her performance of Swan Lake at Covent Garden in London.

Eric Morecambe
Ernie Wise
Colonel Grant
William Franklyn
Madame Petrovna
April Olrich
Gina Carlotti
Gloria Paul
Terence Alexander
Warren Mitchell

Robert Asher