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Wild On The Beach (1965)

This run-of-the-mill Beach Movie introduces California college student Lee Sullivan (Sherry Jackson) who has been left a beach house in her late uncle’s will and intends to transform it into a boarding house for girls – both to alleviate a housing shortage on campus and to help finance her tuition.

Arriving to claim her inheritance, she learns that squatter’s rights have already been asserted by Adam Miller (singer Frankie Randall, who was being hailed as a new Sinatra at the time) who insists that Lee’s uncle gave him permission to turn it into lodgings for the young men of the college.

None-too-alert Dean Parker (Booth Colman) has given them both a permit which ignites a battle of the sexes over the pad. The wrangling and romantic entanglements of Lee and Adam take up most of the screen time.

Meanwhile, hip oldster Shep Kirby (Russ Bender) tries to woo the young ladies by promising recording stardom.

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Despite the opportunity to “hear 11 great songs as your favourite recording swingers get with the big beat” (sic), the film would be totally forgettable were it not for the presence of Sonny and Cher in the cast (backed by The Astronauts).

The couple had just become pop sensations, and the film marked the screen debut of 19-year-old Cher. It also featured popular drummer, Sandy Nelson.

Songs included The Gods Of LoveHouse On The BeachRun Away From HimThe Yellow Haired WomanRock The WorldWinter NocturnePyramid StompCrum DanceIt’s Gonna RainSnap It and Little Speedy Gonzales.

Director Maury Dexter was an expert at turning out low-budget B-movies in the 1960s, most of them horror movies or teen-slanted pop-music films. This one was written by Harry Spalding from an original story by Hank Tany (if you are even remotely interested).

PS: Don’t let the colour photographs on this page fool you. The film is sadly in black and white.

Adam Miller 
Frankie Randall
Lee Sullivan
Sherry Jackson
Marsie Lowell
Gayle Caldwell
Toby Carr
Jackie Miller
Shep Kirby
Russ Bender
Dean Parker
Booth Colman
Mort Terwilliger
Justin Smith
Vern Thompkins
Jerry Grayson
Jim Bench
Marc Seaton
Larry Gust
Jackie and Gayle
The Astronauts
Sonny Bono
Cindy Malone
Sandy Nelson
Russ Bender

Maury Dexter