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Psychic TV

Psychic TV was formed by former Throbbing Gristle members Genesis P-Orridge and Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson.

Silver-tongued weavers of wonderful tales about their ‘Temple ov Psychick Youth’ and claims that they intended to “break down the control systems that govern our lives”, Psychic TV also dabbled with a process called Holophonic Sound – a kind of 3-D version of stereo.

For the first time ever, a P-Orridge project involved conventionally skilled musicians: guitarist Alex Fergusson (formerly of Alternative TV) plus hired hands Andrew Poppy (a classically trained arranger) and brass players Kennie Wellington and Claude Deppa.

Nobody doubted that they were clever lads. They manipulated two record companies into giving them lots of money and convinced half the music critics in Britain that what they played was music.

Genesis P-Orridge died in March 2020 after battling leukaemia for two-and-a-half years. He was 70.