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Subway Sect

Although their first gig – at The 100 Club’s ‘Punk Fest’ in September 1976 – was with The Sex PistolsThe Clash and Siouxsie and The Banshees, Subway Sect would later name check Irving Berlin, Cole Porter and Johnny Mercer.

subwaysect_832The astute-minded Vic Godard (real name, Napper) liked ABBA and Debussy and cited his interests as “reading and listening to Radio 2” – and most of his lyrics were derived from his essays.

Subway Sect stood out from the pack. Their roots were sixties mod – The Who and more obscure bands like The Sorrows – and guitarist Rob Symmons was a sixties British beat freak.

At the height of punk, Subway Sect (who were managed by Bernie Rhodes who also managed The Clash) would wear school pullovers on stage.

subwaysect_999According to legend the band played in Paris lying on their backs with Vic dressed as a dolphin!

Godard broke up and re-formed Subway Sect three or four times between 1976 and 1980. After the last break-up in 1980 the band got sick of being messed around and went off to become JoBoxers.

Godard eventually got a job at an East Sheen burger bar and married the manageress. Most famously, he became a postman.

Subway Sect were undoubtedly the most intriguing of the original punks.

Vic Godard
Rob Symmons
Paul Myers
Paul Packham
Mark Laff
Bob Ward
Rob Marche
Dave Collard
Chris Bostock
Sean McLusky