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The toughest of Sears tough Western Jeans – lab tests prove it! Made of a fabric so rugged, we made a trampoline out of it.

With a promotional pitch like that, how could parents buy their little rug rats anything else?

Sears and Roebuck, the US catalogue king and family favourite, outdid themselves once again with Toughskins, the pants with the Herculean strength. Made kid tough, Toughskins’ funky flares were ultra-cool in colours and bold plaid print.

Snug like a second skin, only tougher, the miraculous Toughskins material was a blend of three fabrics. Made of Dacron polyester, nylon and cotton, this special blend was the best in rugged wear. So tough was the toughskin material that Sears even made sneakers out of it.

The roughest, toughest footwear around, you could get Toughskin sneakers to match your flares and keep you in style.

Toughskins were the only thing Mum felt comfortable putting you in for afternoons running around the neighbourhood.

With the indestructible fabric construction and reinforced knees, no matter how much you ran and played, Toughskins stood up.