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1 9 6 9 (UK)
5 x 30 minute episodes

This BBC comedy series starred portly Robert Morley (who also co-wrote the series with Jeremy Paul) as the self-centred, pompous and arrogant Herbert Todhunter.

Todhunter had moved in with his brother-in-law Partridge (Robert Raglan) onboard his houseboat and after two years showed no sign of leaving.


Mrs Midden (Jumoke Debayo), was Partridge’s “obliger” who appeared daily and carried on guerilla warfare with Todhunter.

Todhunter was a magnificent liar, malicious about Partridge’s false teeth (“he is having trouble with the old clampers”), and so smugly self-satisfied (“there are so many examples for us chaps to set”).

He was also much given to utterances about the state of the nation, the Church and the lower classes.

The BBC pulled the plug on the series after only five episodes, all of which are believed to have been wiped.

Herbert Todhunter
Robert Morley
Robert Raglan
Mrs Midden
Jumoke Debayo