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Ace Crawford, Private Eye

1 9 8 3 (USA)
5 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived (five episodes) CBS sitcom introduced Ace Crawford – probably the world’s worst Private Detective.

Ace (Tim Conway) solved his cases mostly through sheer fluke and good luck. There was certainly very little skill involved – although he dressed in the obligatory crumpled trench coat and hat like his movie detective heroes of the 1940s – and Ace bumbled around without a clue about how to find a clue.

Much to the amazement of Lieutenant Fanning (Dick Christie, pictured at right) – a real police detective – Ace regularly stumbled upon the solutions.

Blind luck and fortuitous accidents were responsible for solving most of Ace’s cases, but his incredible run of luck had earned him an undeserved reputation and brought him a continuous stream of clients.

Toomey (Joe Regalbuto) was Ace’s bumbling accountant-cum-assistant and Luana (Shera Danese) was a sexy singer who worked at a tacky wharfside bar called The Shanty, where Ace drank and hung out with its owner/barman, a midget named Inch (Billy Barty) and Mello, the blind black pianist (played by real-life jazz star Bill Henderson).

Ace Crawford 
Tim Conway
Joe Regalbuto
Billy Barty
Shera Danese
Bill Henderson
Lt Fanning
Dick Christie