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Love Match, The (1955)

Bill Brown (Arthur Askey) and Wally Binns (Glenn Melvyn) are a pair of football-mad railway men.

Bill has misplaced £55 of union money, his son Percy (James Kenney) has the chance to play professionally for United (sadly, Bill is a City fanatic and hates United) and his daughter, Rose (Shirley Eaton) has a new ballroom dancing partner and boyfriend, Alf Hall (Danny Ross).

The movie was based on a play written by Melvyn and led to a spin-off TV series called Love and Kisses.

Bill Brown
Arthur Askey
Wally Binns
Glenn Melvyn
Sal Brown
Thora Hird
Rose Brown
Shirley Eaton
Percy Brown
James Kenney
Mr Longworth
Edward Chapman
Alf Hall
Danny Ross
Mr Muddlecombe
Robb Wilton
Anthea Askey
Emma Binns
Patricia Hayes
Mrs Entwhistle
Iris Vandeleur
Arthur Ford
William Franklyn
Aggressive Man
Leonard Williams
Mr Hall
Peter Swanwick
Harry Longworth
Maurice Kaufmann
Dorothy Blythe

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