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Surf Party (1964)

Terry (Patricia Morrow), Sylvia (Lory Patrick), and Junior (Jackie DeShannon) arrive in Malibu Beach from Arizona to vacation and to visit Terry’s brother Skeet (Jerry Summers).

Sylvia falls in love with Skeet; Terry falls in love with Len (Bobby Vinton), the operator of a local surf shop; and Junior falls in love with Milo (Ken Miller), another surfer.

Also in the cast are young recording personalities The Astronauts and The Routers.


Len Marshal
Bobby Vinton
Terry Wells
Patricia Morrow
Junior Griffith
Jackie DeShannon
Milo Talbot
Ken Miller
Sylvia Dempster
Lory Patrick
Sgt. Wayne Neal
Richard Crane
Pauline Lowell
Martha Stewart
Skeet Wells
Jerry Summers
The Astronauts
The Routers
Lloyd Kino

Maury Dexter