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Robin and Marian (1976)

The popular image of Robin Hood is of a young adventurous rogue, but in Robin and Marian, our hero and his fair maid are well into middle age.

Sean Connery’s Robin may be a little thin on top and perhaps slightly thicker around the waist, but he’s just as bold and brave as he ever was.

When he returns to England from the Crusades he finds Marian (Audrey Hepburn) – whom he hasn’t seen in eighteen years – in trouble with the Sheriff of Nottingham (Robert Shaw).

Robin sweeps her off to Sherwood Forest and life returns pretty much to the way it once was with the Sheriff’s men trying in vain to capture the wily Robin.

By now the band of Merry Men has diminished to three – Little John (Nicol Williamson), Friar Tuck (Ronnie Barker) and Will Scarlett (Denholm Elliott) – but all are willing to follow Robin to death if needs be.

There are lashings of action throughout with a liberal sprinkling of humour and romance to complete the formula.

Also appearing are Richard Harris as King Richard the Lionheart and Kenneth Haigh as the conceited Sir Ranulf de Pudsey.

Robin Hood
Sean Connery
Maid Marian
Audrey Hepburn
Sheriff of Nottingham
Robert Shaw
King Richard the Lionheart
Richard Harris
Little John
Nicol Williamson
Will Scarlett
Denholm Elliott
Sir Ranulf de Pudsey
Kenneth Haigh
Friar Tuck
Ronnie Barker
King John
Ian Holm
Bill Maynard
Old Defender
Esmond Knight
Sister Mary
Veronica Quilligan
Peter Butterworth
John Barrett
Jack’s Apprentice
Kenneth Cranham

Richard Lester